Wednesday, March 6, 2013

FEBRUARY 2013...Medical & Missionaries

Whit looking much better... maybe it's the yummy Chinese food
Justin (just opened mission call) & Haley (just leaving for MTC)
Elder Welling (Shoshone, ID)

New braces
Mom's such a trooper 
Celebration Dinner--Passed Math!!!!
                            Khloe Miller born 2/28/13

February continues on with Whitney healing, my mom having a knee replacement and me having all sorts of fun medical visits including new braces.... what was I thinking??  On a bright note, Haley Packer has left for the Madagascar Mission. Justin Packer has his mission call to Long Beach, CA Spanish speaking and Steph and Nick Haertel are tearing up the mission fields in their respective areas. Lori's in-laws, Phil & Lu Truman also headed out to their mission in CA. Our friends Linda and Ray Coats have a call to Washington State, our friends, the Salmons are awaiting a call, as is Logan Packer. My cousin's son, Job Welling, is serving here in Idaho and we were able to take him to lunch. It was wonderful.  The month ended on a great note..... Whitney passed her final, college math class with a B+ (thanks for the help Ryan and way to go lil Duckie)!!!  Finally, on February 28th, new grand baby, Khloe Moyes Miller, was born. Here comes March and I'm certainly ready for Spring!


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DeAnna Packer said...

I cannot believe all that is going on. We ALL better put on our trak shoes or we may get left behind. Great picture of Terry...and little Khloe, born three days after my knee surgery. (I always loved having something to SHOW for time spent in the hospital.) Thanks for helping me out Jennifer :)