Friday, September 4, 2009

Entertainment Korean Style

A few videos to share from the Korean Folk Village.

This is how we iron.

Watch the ribbons on their hats. It is quite amazing.

They did all sorts of amazing stunts. Do not try this at home.

Horsing Around.

Korea for Dragon Boat Festival

Waiting for the subway with my capable guide!
The signs in Korea are almost as good as the ones in China!
Guilty as charged.....
Judge and police. Terry really looks HOT.
We hadn't seen Krispy Kream for a while.....pure enjoyment.
It's quite alright to ooh and ahhh
Top of the world-Seoul Tower.
Dividing line between North and South Korea.
Just Lovely.

Trying to catch up.....back to May when our blog was blocked in China.....better late than never. We had a festival three day weekend the end of May and wanted to see Korea as we were just across the Yellow Sea. We were fascinated--50 million people in and surrounding Seoul. I felt it was cleaner than China and more westernized. It was really interesting to visit the DMZ and look into North Korea. We enjoyed a river walk similar to San Antonio. The Seoul Tower had an incredible panoramic view of the entire area and it is mind blowing as to the size of the city. We found an Outback and actually went there twice and stuffed ourselves. The highlight was the temple. We attended two sessions and had to listen through the "translator box." The sessions were packed with people. I had the sweetest, tiny, older sister who struggled to stand from her seat when I came in to help me with my translator box. We went to the Korean Folk Village which was very similar to the PCC in Hawaii and met up with our dear friends from Qingdao, Stella and Young Mi. The subway was crazy and we were in town for the President's funeral so the city was crazy the night before. Our dear friends, the Sessions, who were teaching in Beijing met us and we had a great weekend....we just kept forgetting we were in Korea and our few words of Chinese didn't mean much to anyone. Just wish we had more time there.