Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Home and I Need to Catch Up

Back in the routine of home life.......paperwork! Yikes

Our blogs were blocked the last two months in China. I have felt so out of touch.....and now, I'm out of the blogging habit as well. We returned about two weeks ago to our loving family. We've missed them all so much. It feels like we have never really been gone. Did we go to China? Who are all these cute students I keep thinking about and getting emails from? Where did all this junk--I mean treasures come from? We have many exciting things happening in the next few months--weddings and baptisms and big anniversaries. Love to you all. I'm hoping to do a few posts of our last couple months in China. We travelled to Korea and a few students homes for dinner. We hated to leave. It was the best experience ever.