Wednesday, March 31, 2010


BYU Hawaii -- "We are the champions"
View from our bed......little friends.......
Grand Canyon of Hawaii
Hola Hola
Most of March was spent in lovely Hawaii.....doesn't get much better than that! The weather wasn't great, but a bad day in Hawaii isn't really bad at all. Especially when you have the Simmons family to entertain you. First day we spent up at the church which is on "higher ground" because of the Tsunami evacuation. During our time on Oahu Brandon and Terry headed to San Francisco for a little basketball action and Michelle and I shopped, spa'd (is that a word) and watched the young basketball stars do their thing. It was great fun. We had one day at the

We then hopped over to Kauai for a little fun in the sun with our good friends, the Coats. We still had on and off weather, but had a blast playing tennis, riding bikes, eating and frequenting the most beautiful beaches. We had a beautiful day out on the Hola Hola--snorkeled with 3 seals, sea turtles, watched amazing whales and were surrounded by hundreds (no exaggeration) of spinner dolphins. The Nepali Coast is a glorious sight. The only bad part of the trip was getting on a plane and leaving paradise!