Monday, November 26, 2012

October 2012


October was great we spent two whole weeks in beautiful, sunny St. George, Utah.  On our way we stopped in Salt Lake to visit with our friends who were in town from Korea. It was a great reunion of our little, China Branch.  We were able to watch BYU football at Brent and Tonya's, see Parker tear it up on the soccer field and enjoy conference at the Packer's place. 

St. George was awesome. Terry played on two softball teams in the Huntsman Senior games. We stayed with friends on the team and it was a party for two weeks. Terry's teams did well. The 60's took the silver... only because the championship game was rained out and we didn't get a chance to "play for the ship."  The 55's played well, but ended on a crummy field with bad sun and bad umpiring.  No excuses... haha...  Between games we attended the temple, biked the many trails, played tennis, enjoyed gatherings with friends and relaxed in the pool and hot tub. 

Back home for lessons, speaking and Halloween. Pretty busy month.