Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy New Year...Love Hawaii...Love the Simmons

Branson...aka the "General"
What a cute father/daughter team
Lovely morning for the temple
Partners in crime.....
Gotta love Turtle Bay
Braxdon the expert
Braydon gets more handsome daily
"Look Mom, no glasses!"
Way to sky Braxdon! Go white!
Three frogs in a pond
Who is the real Avatar???
The beach isn't a bad place to do homework
Newly reopened Temple
Great form Braydon...swish...Go Blue!

Doesn't get much better than walking on the beach and playing in the ocean on New Year's Day...unless, of course, you're doing it with the Simmons. It was a wonderful vacation including, but not limited to, the beach, jet skiing, huge sea turtles, the beach, shopping, fabulous pedicures, the beach, the temple, New Year's party, the beach, Harley ride around the island, date nights, movies, college basketball, the beach, mini-basketball starring the boys, Turtle Bay, Zumba, Chinese exchange students, the beach, great food, snorkeling and the list goes one, but I'm tired of typing and my fingers are cold....haha.... Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year..... We had such a delightful holiday with our family. Nothing beats spending time with loved ones. One of the highlights was a lovely Christmas Party at the Haertels with an incredible nativity put on by the cousins. Right after Christmas Dad had knee surgery and we're hoping he recovers quickly--what a trooper! Congrats to Parker and Jayne on their special baptisms and Logan on his Eagle. You're the best!


So great to see our friends from China and have a little vacation away from the cold.