Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Summer Activities

Softball champ and handsome too!

Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn buffet is unbelievable!

The good life......

Las Vegas Temple with our buddies

So much fun

Gorgeous Turtle Bay Hawaii

Hiked Diamond Head for my birthday 6/28

Quite the view

Proud of our baptism boy

Aloha Simmons


Braxdon & Branson aka "Fish Brothers"

Our missionary, Nick

after first temple session.....

We love & miss you Wes!

Eternal Family

Whit loves her Gramps (and his hat)

Whit, Mark, Ryan, Ellie--we love being together

The best of the best!!

Andrea & Tiana--sisters??

Papa Bear, Alyssa & newest Packer, Liberty

Cousin buddies, Spencer & Jaren

I'm lovin me some Ohio and new puppy

Bishop Packer, you're the greatest

Who needs video games. This is way more fun!

Next stop Nauvoo

Joseph & Hyrum

Thanks for a great trip Mom & Dad

Alyssa, Jenna & Jayne (they sure like sheep)

Who are these masked men....Ben & Jaren?

Lucy & Lori you were born in the wrong decade

Kids loved the pioneer village even though the heat was killer

Matchers :)

The fabulous Brent Packer Family..where's Ben..haha

We survived the heat wave

Whatever works!

Lucy & Spencer know how to rodeo

I hope they call me on a mission... Oh, they did...

San Antonio comes to Twin Falls--Justin, Ryan & Haley

Debbie & Steve Sessions do Twin Falls

What's for dinner? Oh, hot dogs!

Mountain biking trip

for Wes & Lori

Happy birthday Ashley--glad I got to join the fun

Some serious cowboying: Julie, Ashley, Hallie, Jacob in the Sawtooths

Last fling for Ryker & Hallie before school starts

Red Fish Lake

Sun Valley isn't complete without a stop at Smokey Mt. Pizza

Mt. Rushmore

Incognito at Sturgis Rally

Fitting new leathers

Wild Hogs in Yellowstone...heehee....

Happy birthday dear Terry

Mr. Falconeer

Family fun in the canyon

Labor Day

Truman kids visit Magic Mountain

Dad gets a little ride before shoulder surgery

Watch out!

Nightie night peanuts

Seems as if there is no time to blog any more, but it weighs on my mind... go figure??!! We had an interesting, heartbreaking, touching and too short summer. It's hard to believe we are at the end of September and into fall already. Activities as follows.....

We went to Hawaii the end of June for our grand son, Braydon's, baptism. So proud of you buddy! We've had two nephews leave on missions. Good luck Nick (Wisconsin) and Bryson (California). We've been to Reno, Sacramento, Salt Lake and Las Vegas for softball tournaments. Terry's shoulders are holding up great and we so enjoy associating with our ball playing friends. We had a fun anniversary trip with our friends the Goodrichs to Las Vegas.

We're mourning with our family over the passing of our dear brother-in-law, Wes. We've marvelled, been uplifted and truly inspired by Wes and Lori and their faithful, beautiful lives. Travel to Nauvoo to see Brent's family in the pageant was amazing and we enjoyed a side trip to Ohio to see Roger be sustained as a new bishop. Our hearts were broken again at the passing of Andrea and Tonya's mother, Irene.

Terry and I were a little depressed by losing out on the home we wanted to purchase and compensated by several rode trips to ride mountain bikes in Sun Valley and Salmon and then riding our Harley all the way to and from Sturgis for the annual rally. Our friends from Denver (Sessions) and my brother, Mark's, family came to visit Idaho for the first time. We took the grand kids camping before school and then went on a final trip to Red Fish Lake with friends. My parents and the Truman kids came for a visit before dad's shoulder surgery and we went after Spence about ran over grandpa on the four wheeler, we were grateful there wasn't an added knee surgery. Terry has been out catching and training falcons/hawks, but we're "bird less" at the moment. Our mission calling is going well and we can't believe we've been at it for five months already. We are truly blessed with amazing friends and family and are so grateful for the many opportunities that come our way.