Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What's New?!

Well, so much for my resolution of keeping on the blog. I guess we really are kind of boring and don't have much to share. Yes, that's the ticket.... Quick recap of the year until now.... Terry has resumed his awesome softball career and played in California in January and Mesquite in March. While in Mesquite we were graced by a visit from Gus the Pug who now lives there. He is a "big boy!" Went from 25 lbs to 50..... hmmmm.....
Had a lovely visit from Brent & Tonya's family and spent a couple days skiing with them and enjoying the hot springs and being with family. Michelle also paid us a visit from Hawaii and that was really nice. The following week we were able to cruise with her family and our Miller grandparents. Loved every minute of it! Well, except the last night when I got migraine sick and missed the prime rib final dinner. Did order a PB&J from room service and it tasted like heaven.
Our darling niece, Stephanie Haertel, left on her mission to Texas. She will be so great. Spent a lovely week with Whitney in Midway and she has a new job that is working her to death, but she's loving as well. She has a new little apartment she is fixing up in all of her non-existent spare time.
We almost went back to China for a semester, but the Lord had other plans for us and Terry is now busy on the stake high council and I'm still teaching Relief Society. The third week of the month is a wee bit strained at our house with speaking and teaching assignments, but we love the learning it brings to us personally.
Loving that Spring is here. Conference was wonderful. Family is great. We are a week away from completely our year mission. Can't believe it went so fast. Happy days to all.