Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Terry and I were officially released from our mission on Sunday. It was actually a little bittersweet. We learned a lot and it was good to be serving. We had a nice April and May visiting with family and friends. I have a new favorite place--IKEA--Thanks for a great girls' lunch and shopping, Brenda and Lori. I miss having that time with you. Terry played a little softball in Brigham City and loved being there with all the memories of my great childhood. Loved spending mother/daughter time with Whitney and seeing where she's working and how she's getting on at her new apartment. Midway is a pretty town. I'm jealous, she just returned from a few days at Lake Powell, my favorite spot on earth. Terry has been a fishing machine this month. He's having a grand time. I've been dabbling in flower pots....haha.... So many memories this time of year...Memorial Day and all....miss all our departed loved ones. Congratulations to our wonderful niece and nephews who are graduating this month.