Friday, October 29, 2010

Our First Adventure in Europe

Beautiful Prague
By Night
Anatomical Clock
We thought this was Sleeping Beauty's Castle

St. Nicholas Church
Old Cemetery
View from the old cemetery/church/park

River Walk

Cathedral at the Prague Castle
Got our exercise on the cobblestone streets

Real, live drawbridge.....

Budapest: 2nd largest Parliament in Europe (can't fit into picture)

Hero's Square
Looking over from the "Buda" side to "Pest"
The Chain Bridge
The statuary is unbelievable
Fisherman's Bastille
Window on the world......

We took a spur of the moment trip to Prague and Budapest and it opened a whole new desire to see the sights of Europe. The scenery was fantastic! The company was a blast. Too many photos to post, but we'll try a few. We were only there for a week--I guess we'll have to go back. It was like a storybook....castles, spires, statues, bridges, rivers, parks, gardens and cathedrals everywhere you look. We walked ourselves to death on the cobblestone roads. The history was amazing. Overnight train was fun. I highly recommend it.