Monday, January 14, 2013

December 2012

What a wonderful month. Always too many activities to mention, but lots of great family time and holiday festivities.
Happy 10th Birthday Diesel 
Happy Anniversary - 6 yrs. 
Love ya Shaner
Love ya Whitters 
I don't craft often, but.... 
Fun at the mall 
This was before the "real" snow storm 
New stake RS calling....What's all the buzz about? 
The Hawaiians Enjoy Colorado 
Whit visits Idaho 
Making Christmas cookies 
Lucy waiting patiently for Gpa's cookies 
Loved that annual Christmas Eve pageant 
Time for presents 
Gpa Miller 
Christmas Eve Girls 
Christmas morning 
Papa loves his Macy 
Macy loves her new horse 
Gma Miller 
Terry & Mom Packer 
Sam the "Super Model" 
Yum yum...Jenna or dinner? 
Merry Christmas Whitney 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

November 2012

The game of catch up....  Loved spending some time in Utah with my dear family. We then had some great fun for Hallie's birthday.... a lovely dinner and then the Nutcracker Ballet. First ballet for Hallie and for Terry. I think they were both a little freaked out by the men's tights...haha....

Simmons came from Hawaii to enjoy Thanksgiving with us. We loved having all the grand kids together. The festivities included shooting, hunting, shopping, delicious food, crafting, 4-wheeling in the snow, fire lanterns, skating, sleepovers, etc. What a wonderful holiday. We're so grateful for the wonderful family that we have.
Love my daddy!
Stunning Fall Colors
Thanks for the tea party, Lucy & Spence
Love these silly kids
Doesn't get much better than root beer floats at midnight!
Happy 11th birthday Hallie
Nutcracker Ballet
Finally getting close
Gpa and the boys-Magic Mountain
Be careful who you're messing with
Now this is the way to watch a movie
Cousin buddies- Branson & Ryker
Braxdon & Hallie the 11 yr. olds
Braydon making a wish
Cold, but loving the 4-wheeling
Love these grand kids
Thanksgiving Feast
Macy... the camera's over here
Michelle & Grandma
Matt & Braxdon the hunters

Michelle & Melissa trying to stay warm

Put away the guns....time for the bow
My kitchen help couldn't get much cuter than a bunch of frogs
Tis the season
Hmmm... I think they're all "nice"
Bully the camel is slobbering on poor Braxdon
Michelle & Matt
Now go to sleep :)
Papa & Ledger
Tasty Treat
Roller skating at it's finest