Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We are so grateful for all we have and our opportunity to serve in China....some days more than others..... We really are blessed to have the wonderful family and friends that we do. The weeks are rolling by and it seems we never catch up. We will teach our classes about Thanksgiving next week. It is my favorite holiday (next to the 4th of July)! I look forward to talking about it, but do it with mixed feelings as it is hard to be away from our loved ones at this time. The last couple of weeks have been a blur. I had about 80 of my students over to this campus for a make-up class and the "International Fair." Terry was the hit of the party. They arrived toward the end of the Fair and so we gave them a tour around campus...library, basketball arena, theater, etc. They were able to try to different food and speak English for a while. The next day in class my student, Braydon, said, "I think your husband is very happy and you have a very happy life....I love him....!" They are so innocent and sweet.

The facilitators for the BYU program were here last week as well. They came to our classes and we had some meetings and meals with them. It was good to see them and find out we were doing our jobs okay....haha....
Last Saturday was the most incredible experience as one of the sweet sisters in our branch was baptized; something we never thought to experience here. Shelly is married to Peter who is Korean and thus she is able to attend our branch and follow her desire to be baptized. She has a sweet testimony and is so humble. She is trying to learn everything she can and is very grateful for the gospel. I hope we can all be grateful for the little things and for the gospel that gives us such light, hope and peace.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I don't know why I think there has to be a trip or something big before I post. We have been super busy and me a little stressed out. Seems to be no down time. The lessons take so much effort, but the students are so worth it. We taught them about Halloween last week and they had fun. We played some educational games--their teams had to draw a jack-o-lantern by having one person as the artist (who went out of the room during the planning) draw by giving him only instructions in English. They did team creativity trick or treating by coming up with a song, story, poem, skit, dance or whatever dealing with a Halloween creature. Each team member had to participate and speak English. They are do thrilled with every little thing. Little pieces of candy, little decorations, little songs. They thought it was hilarious when I put on a witch's hat and when I lit a little ceramic pumpkin in class they went crazy. Anyway, that was the week at school. We had district conference over the weekend and President Toronto from Beijing was there. Yes, he is John and Carolyn Toronto's cousin. So, we are cousins through a couple marriages or something like that. I can't believe it is Wednesday again and we are half-way through another week. I'm sorry we missed little Spencer's blessing. What a beautiful little boy. The photos we've seen from Halloween back home look great. Keep them coming.