Monday, December 29, 2008

December Activities

December has been pretty much chaos around this place. We had programs, parties, lessons, grading, Branch and Christmas activities. We still aren't quite recovered. We still have one more day of finals and then grades to get out. I didn't sign up for this part. We leave day after tomorrow for our ice adventure in Harbin. I'm cold already!

Stella's Baptism

Just before Christmas we attended the most special event of the season....Stella's baptism! She is such a gracious and special young lady. It was a touching and spiritual event. The young women sang "I am a Child of God." Stella asked Terry to confirm her and it was a beautiful blessing. We have been truly blessed to have this wonderful young lady share her life and testimony with us.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Celebrating our anniversary in China was fabulous! I’m amazed at how two years have flown by. After teaching we went to our favorite place for a two and a half hour foot and full body massage…..ahhhhh…..HEAVEN…..followed up by a scrumptious dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We sat and listened to the piano play and enjoyed the enormous Christmas tree and “Western” atmosphere. There was a chocolate fountain and Cold Stone type ice cream. Yummy! It was nice to have a relaxing evening together and just visit and wind down. I can’t believe we are lucky enough to have found each other and to experience this together. I love you Terry.


Well Santa is alive and well in China. We will make sure he is ready to hit the States soon, but wanted him to play a little tune for us first.
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Monday, December 8, 2008

Beijing Album

More photos of Thanksgiving in Beijing.

Thanksgiving in Beijing

We spent Thanksgiving in Beijing. It was wonderful. Although we did not have "turkey dinner," we were lucky to have several western meals that were delightful. We went to Sizzler and TGIF. We miss SALAD here in China. Our itinerary included the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven, Olympic Village, the Water Cube, the Bird's Nest and the Great Wall. We tasted Peking Duck and went to an incredible acrobat show. You pretty much cover your eyes the entire time because their feats make you crazy and you wonder if they have any bones in their body the way they twist around. The hotel was delightful. The company was wonderful. Oh, and did I mention bargain shopping....too much fun. Sunday we were able to attend the block of church at a real chapel (in a high rise office building) and the spirit was divine. No pun intended. We arrived back in Qingdao and my suitcase came up missing. Same one that was missing the first day we set foot in Qingdao. I told Terry he is packing in the "unlucky" suitcase next time. They did recover it three days later--I was ecstatic. We are so thankful for our blessings--our beautiful family, the gospel of Jesus Christ, great friends, our experiences in China and especially for each other. Love to all of you.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eastern Medicine

Terry has decided to try a new back medicine. Actually we were both going to try a little acupuncture, but she thought we wanted massage (most foreigners don't like needles) and only brought one set of needles. He needs another treatment, but isn't so sure he is going to get one. Big baby. I thought the picture would be better, but he has needles up and down his legs and in his back. They are so tiny you can't even see them....haha.....
My cute young women are so talented! They speak English, Chinese and Korean which is amazing. Christina plays the piano for church (all meetings) and did a violin solo last week. Stella is not a member of the Church, but comes every week and is so anxious to learn and grow. We are having a "cooking" activity this Saturday and I hope I can figure out a dish to cook in the Chinese oven...otherwise known as the "toaster oven."

All That Jazz

Well, not quite the Jazz, but as close as we can get--The Qingdao Double Stars! Basketball in China and we are the number one fans. The city professional basketball team plays at our university arena and we have been attending the games. In fact, we were on the front of page of the sports section of the city news "Foreigners attend basketball game." Terry was giving high 5's to one Chinese student sitting by us and pretty soon we had a following of our own because everyone wanted to sit by "super fan." They had half time dancers and the equivalent of our dentist who sits behind the basket with his signs and bull horn. It was a good time and we are headed again tonight.