Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quick Update... April and May

Sweet Macy Lynn on Easter. She was even more beautiful at her blessing!

Mother's Day tea party .... courtesy Lucy Truman

Boys got in on some leftovers Lake Tahoe was beautiful, but chilly Too bad we didn't pan any gold. Great bbq tri-tip though!
Golden Eagle Softball Complex
Star Second Baseman. Go Coyotes!

Life moves right along and here we come to June. I can only hope the weather will finally realize it is summer. Matt and Jennifer blessed little Macy in June and she couldn't be much cuter. Michelle came from Hawaii for the blessing and so we had a family party for several days. Lots of fun.

Terry and I were called as service missionaries and will serve for a year here in the Twin Falls Employment Center. Hope we can help.

Softball is in full swing and we just got back from a tournament in Reno. Some wins and some losses, but Terry played great. Maybe because it was "Golden Eagle" complex and we know how he loves his eagles. Fun to be with all our buddies and enjoy a few days away. Lake Tahoe was beautiful, but the whole week was Hope the Salt Lake tournament coming up is a little warmer.