Saturday, November 14, 2009

What a Celebration!

Beautiful bride about to get dressed
How about this work of art!
Can't believe my baby is married. She is the greatest daughter!

Newlyweds and married 50 years. Kids take note...
Part of the gang
Now where do you think you're going??
Keep on dancing
Hmmm......who caught the bouquet??

Let's try a little quiet time
So proud of you
Got muscles?! That dress weighs about 100 lbs.

How time flies....the cute couple has been married for 3 weeks today. The wedding was fantastic and fun. Whitney was stunning--pictures do not do her justice. Zadoc was a blast. The ceremony was lovely, food great, flowers beautiful, family supportive and the continued all night and was hilarious. We especially loved all the guys dancing to YMCA with their hats! Thanks to everyone who made the day such a success. Congratulations to the happy couple. Let your love grow stronger every day, support and take good care of each other and know how proud we are and happy that you are part of our eternal family.