Friday, April 12, 2013

MARCH 2013

It's amazing how you plan and plan for something and then it's over in the blink of an eye. So it was with Stake Relief Society Women's Conference.  I know the Lord blesses you when you try. I had a great committee and I think the women had an enjoyable and enlightening conference.  It was darling....if I do say so myself.

My baby boy would have been 30 this month and that is super hard to believe. Whitney graduated from the Quest self discovery program. Great accomplishment.

Terry's softball season has started and he is playing every position they can get him to play. He is an all around super

Easter at the end of March always seems odd, but always fun.  I love the Savior and am so grateful for the gospel and my amazing family.

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DeAnna Packer said...

Sooooo fun to read and SEE your comings and goings! I am glad you captured some of your Womans Conference decor....beautiful. And as for the Miller Athlete and other Miller doings.... We are so happy for all you are and do. You Millers (in Zion) are simply first rate!!! Love you!