Wednesday, March 6, 2013

JANUARY 2013... Happy New Year!

I've been lucky to post monthly, but continue to try as part of my journaling effort... smile... Now that we're into March, I'm happy to say that January (my least favorite month) breezed by fairly quickly.  Terry went pheasant hunting in North Dakota the first week of the month and I had a week of relaxing. Lots of work going into the Stake RS Women's Conference...should be amazing....I have a fabulous committee and fun, creative women to work with. The month literally ended with a bang and not a good one.... Whitney got caught in a freak Utah ice storm and totaled her car, broke her hand, ankle, ribs and banged up her poor head.  She is very lucky to be alive and is a commercial for to WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!  After a few days of being stuck here in Idaho due to weather and visibility, I finally got to my little girl and was able to stay and care for her for two weeks. I'm so grateful she is healing and though she was hurt, I loved spending time together.  It was good to be at my parents and have family popping in and out.  Her work was very gracious and let us stay the second week at the Homestead so she didn't have to travel going to and from work and they even sent a singing, Elvis telegram to cheer her up. Funny thing was she had just returned to college after a couple year break and had been to one algebra class (after 10 yrs. of no math)...she's continuing on....very brave...good luck.

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DeAnna Packer said...

Don't like bad things to happen to good little Ducks! But, we have to be thankful Whit and Tiana made it through their car accidents without serious damage to their beautiful little bodies!!!